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The devolopement of the BST Sharpening Block Standard skate sharpening methods involve the usage of flat surface stones or diamond embedded plates to create edges.The challenge that the current skating population is experiencing is these flat tools only provide small or at very best, marginal contact on the concave or round blade. BST offers a resolution to these blade sharpening difficulties through a creation of a new and innovative “full contact “ sharpening block. While the user continues to sharpen as normal, the BST Block intelligently self – adjusts to the radius of the blades Most important advantages of the BST Sharpening Block compared to a normal diamond sharpening plate are:

- High quality full diamond DMT plates easy to change and turn by magnetism
- Large sharpening surface
-The whole surface of the sheet is being used
- More blades contact results in reduced sharpening time and effort
- Features an on-board storage system for all grit sheets
- A total sharpening product easy to bring along while traveling

All BST Sharpening Blocks are “ Custom Made “ with a unique serial number and personalized text. All BST Sharpening Blocks will get a warrenty certificate ensuring correct construction and flatness of the block. In case of problems covered by the warrenty, Sharpening Block can be sent back for a checkup free of charge.

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